This week The Plough saw not just one, but two world leaders popping in for a pint and a bite to eat.

It isn’t the first time that our inn has appeared on the front pages of the national newspapers. Though it does seem to have been front page news in a great deal more of the worlds newspapers than ever before and our car park has never seen quite so many press photographers and news cameramen at any time in its long history.

The Prime Minister ‘tweeted’ “I dropped into The Plough at Cadsden for a pint of IPA and some fish and chips with China’s President Xi,”.

The Chinese President joined in conversation with some of our customers and even shook hands with many of them. Taking advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime, one regular stepped up and encouraged a friend to film him with his arm around the President. It was a quite remarkable moment and will no doubt be the subject of conversation here for years to come.

The Prime Minister and his guest looked very relaxed, even removing their ties as they enjoyed a few minutes meeting ordinary people. He even quipped that he would not be leaving his family today, referring to a widely publicised incident when he and his wife momentarily left their daughter Nancy behind several years ago.

We like to think that The Plough is his local, somewhere where world politics takes a back seat and everyone can relax, no matter who they are. If you missed the excitement, several newspapers and television companies have produced a video record of the moment.

Daily Mail Video

Guardian Video