Christmas Party Bookings

It's our favourite time of the year! We are now taking bookings for Christmas parties, so if you would like to arrange your party you can book now to avoid disappointment. We also have a small number of luxury rooms, so if you would like to stay overnight after your...

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Shiny bike night

Bucks British & Classic Motorcycle Club There is a meeting up of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over every Wednesday evening at The Plough, organised by The Bucks British & Classic Motorcycle Club. The club originated in 1989 from the remains of a local Triumph...

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Chinese President Drops in for a Pint

This week The Plough saw not just one, but two world leaders popping in for a pint and a bite to eat. It isn't the first time that our inn has appeared on the front pages of the national newspapers. Though it does seem to have been front page news in a great deal more...

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